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composite digitization


Product parameters  customized according to your needs

In order to do a good job, a worker must first sharpen his tools

Choose the right knife, open the material, choose Ruizhou CNC knife, your exclusive flexible material scissors

Ruizhou focuses on developing every detail

  • More than 20 years of core research and development
    More innovative, faster and more flexible

    Fast and stable tool, all components are precisely coordinated with each other
    According to the needs of various processing materials, configure different cutter heads

  • Safety is the last word
    Safe, safe, safe, or safe

    Four corners are equipped with emergency stop device and safety infrared sensing device to ensure the maximum protection of the operator's safety during the high-speed movement of the machine.

  • Welding is as stable as Mount Tai
    High precision, long life and strong stability

    The frame adopts welded structure and has a long service life
    High stability to prevent deviation due to cutting vibration during cutting

  • High power vacuum adsorption
    More innovative, faster and more flexible

    Make sure to hold the material firmly on the cutting table during processing. The vacuum range is divided into zones, which can be individually adjusted in width.

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